Thursday, December 25, 2008

Visiting the REAL Santa

When I was little I wanted to visit Santa Claus. There was one a Grant’s department store and I wanted to go. My parents were into it and we went. We waited on the line with the other kids and parents and as we got closer and closer I became more and more nervous. By the time we got to the ‘next’ position on line I was a wreck. Though I loved Santa more than I could express, I was terrified of actually meeting him and having to speak to him. As many kids do, I freaked. We left the line and went home. I was madly disappointed in myself and that I had come so close to meeting the man, the myth, the legend and yet couldn’t bring myself to do it. We never tried again. They would have brought me, I’m sure, but I couldn’t face backing out again.

When I was 24 I was talking to my mother about the Santa situation. Still a big fan, I never miss his appearance at the end of the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day parade, I still felt the sting of failure at having never sat on his lap.

My mother asked if I wanted to go now. It struck me as an hilarious thing to do, to have my mom take me to see Santa at 24.

"We could see the real one this time, the one at Macy*s on 34th Street," she coaxed.

That was it, I was sold. We went. We stood on the endless line at Macy*s Santaland with all the other kids and their parents. I was quite a bit older than the others, but I was cool with it. We went in, and although I was still nervous, for obvious reasons (we looked like kooks!) I actually sat on Santa’s lap (he was probably the same age as me) and told him I wanted a Quisenart Food Processor. We opted to pass on the proffered photo with Santa and left. Now I wish we’d sprung for the photo. It was a hoot and I felt I’d tied up a loose end.

That year my mother bought me a food processor. Not the Quisenart I’d wanted, a junior version, as usual, but I still have it and I hold it dear because ‘Santa’ got it for me.


Gary said...

Oh yes, the REAL Santa. It would have been something if you walked in to meet him and it was me under all that fabric and hair saying "Merry Chirstmas Joy". That would have confirmed your belief.

I am so glad that you brought me to see Miracle on 34th Street. Favorite line: We would love to have Santy Claus stay with us. What a great scene.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Aw. :) You totally brightened my day with this story.